Frequently Asked Questions

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What does a Special Inspector do?


What courses are available?


What course should I take first?

Larsen Inspection Training recommends that new students enroll in either the Structural Masonry Special Inspector Course or Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector Course first.


What are the class start dates?


Where is Larsen Inspection Training located?


What makes the program at Larsen Inspection Training unique?

Qualified professionals who understand the needs of the students have developed our programs.

  • The Instructors at Larsen Inspection Training are experienced Special Inspectors that have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, testing procedures, and the requirements pertaining to the industry.
  • Our training program, through use of: classroom instruction, industry films, media presentations, homework assignments (plans and code study), and practice testing is designed to help prepare for the industry standard International certification test.
  • Students immerse themselves in preparation for the International Certification Examination as they complete daily plans and code study homework.
  • The texts we use are the best in the industry and we teach how to research, cross-reference, update, and use information in practical applications.
  • We take great pride in teaching the concept, theory, and practical application of the principles of construction inspection.  We do not rely on test question memorization to help our students pass the certification exam.

This process not only helps the student prepare for the required tests, but also helps the student understand their job duties, and become proficient with their responsibilities.  Our proven methods enable the student to truly become a professional in their chosen industry of Special Inspector.


What qualifications do the staff members have at Larsen Inspection Training?


How do I register for a course?


What is Distance Education? Is it right for me?


What if I still have questions about Larsen Inspection Training or becoming a Special Inspector?


What edition of books are required?


What supplies do I need as I take the courses at Larsen Inspection Training?


What expenses are involved with my training?