Soils Special Inspector


On-Campus Course

Tuition Hours
$800.00 55 Register
$75 non-refundable registration fee


Distance Education Course

Option Tuition
Plans Study $350.00
Code Study $300.00
Practice Exams $150.00
* $75 non-refundable registration fee, $50 refundable plans deposit
** $75 non-refundable registration fee

This course provides students with the background to prepare to take the ICC soils Special Inspector examination. Topics covered include: Duties and responsibilities of the Soils Special Inspector, safety on the jobsite, effective use of reference materials, background of soils inspection, tests associated with Soils, proper use of equipment and materials used in field testing, study techniques, research and the reference of the Building Codes and related background materials that pertain to Soils, researching problems, industry terminology, procedure for plans revisions, job site protocol, writing daily reports, writing non-compliance reports, writing final reports, structural plans reading as it pertains to Soils, test taking strategies with applicable techniques, licensing procedures and jurisdictional guidelines. Part of this class will be spent in hands-on lab activities where some of the required compaction density testing and proctor testing will be demonstrated and performed by the student.


Must possess Nuclear Density Safety Certification for employment, not for taking course.

Required Reference Books:

Please view ICC’s National Certification Examination Information Bulletin to determine the current books that are accepted for testing. Soils is listed on page 64 of the Bulletin.

Scheduled On-Campus Courses:

4/20/19 – 6/15/19 SAT 7:00 am – 2:00 pm